[On Demand Webinar] - SugarCRM Integrated with Jira: Project Tracking on Steroids

What You Will Learn: The SugarCRM Jira integration has completely changed the way users manage project tracking.  With Jira plugged into Sugar, you'll never lose track of a project's status because you'll have projects being tracked inside your CRM. Integrating Jira with Sugar means that users:

  • Benefit from more fluid communications on issues/tickets
  • See enhanced use of both Sugar and Jira in a more efficient and collaborative manner
  • Provides visibility of project status in Jira to CRM users in Sugar
  • Can set up CRM workflows based off Jira tickets

And it can all be accessed inside your CRM! 

Join us to see how integrating Jira with Sugar will completely change the way you manage project tracking and how you interact with your customers. 

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